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Classroom ManagementComputers and tablets offer a unique learning opportunity, but without effective management they can easily become every teacher’s worst nightmare. Radix‘ streamlines computer and tablet classroom management and collaboration, facilitating effective teacher monitoring and control of student activities. The Radix classroom management solution range transforms tablets into interactive and exclusively featured student-centric learning environments: Empowering teachers to convey an enriched educational experience, with individual attention going to the students who really need it.

Radix SmartClass for Android directly connects teachers and students devices with no need for for additional software (servers, cloud applications etc) or hardware in the classroom.

With SmartClass for Android you can perform the following operations on a single student tablet or a group of tablets.

  • Teacher tablet screen broadcast
  • Control student and assist from remote
  • Video stream from teacher to students
  • Lock tablets for complete student attention
  • Lock Internet on student’s tablets
  • White/black list of Internet websites
  • Electronic white board – on screen function
  • Students can electronically “raise hands” for attention
  • Chat and discussion center
  • Teacher message broadcast
  • Co-browse the internet with students
  • File distribution from teacher to student
  • File collection from students to the teacher
  • Teacher presence announcement for classroom selection
  • Classroom selector mechanism for student

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by David James