Popular Social Educational Game BrainNook Launches For iPad - Archived

Nunook Interactive Inc has released the BrainNook Grade 2 Arithmetic 1.0 app for iPad. BrainNook is the next generation of learning games for schools and homes. It is a social educational game that allows students to strengthen critical math and language skills in real time with their classmates. The web-based version of BrainNook is used by 100,000 students in thousands of classrooms across the country.

The new app extends the BrainNook experience from Web to iPad. The app contains 14 games that comprehensively cover the Operations and Algebraic Thinking (2.OA) and Numbers in Base Ten (2.NBT) sections of the Common Core State Standards for Grade 2 math. The Common Core State Standards are a set of educational standards in use across most US states.

The games in the BrainNook app are designed to reinforce a wide range of concepts such as basic and advanced addition and subtraction; word problems; place value; comparing numbers; visual estimation of the number of items in a group; even and odd numbers; writing numbers in digits and words; and skip counting.

Each game is designed to be a light, colorful play experience that is as fun as it is educational. Rather than answering a series of dull questions, in BrainNook students tap and drag their fish to “eat” the right answer in an underwater environment, or place beach balls into appropriate buckets based on the questions displayed, while avoiding enemies and obstacles.

Children can spend their points on attractive badges within the app, and can use those badges to decorate their virtual home on the BrainNook website.

Students can log in to their BrainNook account from the iPad, allowing them to solve assignments from school through the app, while generating detailed information about their performance for teacher and parent analysis. Teachers and parents can access detailed information about each student’s performance through a Web-based dashboard and, for teachers, through a separate iPhone app.

BrainNook is the first multi-platform social educational game. Our mission to is to allow kids to learn wherever, whenever and on whichever device they want, while staying connected with their friends, teachers and parents.

Language Support:

English, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Device Requirements:

  • Compatible with iPad
  • Requires iOS 4.0 or later
  • 15.4 MB
  • Can be downloaded over Wifi or 3G connections