Periodic Table of Videos [Chemistry] - Archived

If you are looking for a great free online video series about Chemistry, look no further. The University of Nottingham have produced a quirky video on each element in the periodic table, called the Periodic Table of Videos. There are 118 videos on the elements, and now the team behind the videos are updating them with more experiments, better samples and stories.

The wild-haired Martyn Poliakoff, research professor at the University of Nottingham presents the videos which are an excellent introduction to the different elements, what they can do, how they are used and are demonstrated via experiments. The team have an excellent website that describes all the videos, and it has an interactive periodic table that you can click to access the videos.

They have also produced another set of videos on molecules and compounds, such as Caffeine, Aspirin and Ferrocene that are excellent to supplement any Chemistry class.

Linked to these videos are another excellent resource on the symbols of Physics and Chemistry, also produced by the University of Nottingham. Having started off with 60 videos, now the team have produced many more, which are well worth a watch.