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Mango Learning Inc. launched an exciting portfolio of game-based learning apps at the California School Boards Association (CSBA) Conference in San Francisco. Co- Founder Bob Collins explained that Mango Learning’s Decimals Series, now live on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon stores worldwide, is the first of hundreds of game-based learning apps the company plans to roll out in the future. Collins, the former Chief Instructional Officer for the Los Angeles Unified School District, has been leading the curricular development of the apps, the first set of which are now available for both consumer and school use, targeting middle school math. In the longer term, Mango will cover the entire K through 12 mathematics curriculum. As development of apps continues, Mango Learning is inviting schools nationwide to participate in an upcoming pilot program.

Mango Learning has gone beyond typical mobile learning games,” Collins explained. “We are making intuitive, engaging, and U.S. Common Core aligned experiences for children which get them excited about learning Math on levels that we simply have not seen before. When coupled with the direction of parents and educators, these games have the potential to help close those aspects of the achievement gap which often persist even after mobile device inequities have been resolved.”

Mango Learning is the collaborative effort of a team of educators and game developers who have blended all that they know about game engagement, rewards, teaching methods and student learning paths to create interactive tutorials and games which make learning fun.

Some of their app include:

Decimal Division

Mango Math Decimal: Division’ is a tool tailored for kids from Grades Five to Eight which teaches them concepts of division of decimals. Concepts are delivered by interesting avatars via audio-visual tutorials. The tutorials combine both Eastern and Western teaching methodologies to explain the basic concepts.

Fun with Fractions

Fun with Fractions: Introduction’ tackles the elementary concepts of fractions and presents it to students in a format that is fun-filled, visually appealing and informative. Developed by Mango Learning for elementary school students, ‘Fun with Fractions: Introduction’ is a perfect supplement for text-books.

Decimal: Multiplication

A tool designed for students from Grades Five to Eight, “Mango Math Decimal: Multiplication” teaches concepts of multiplication of decimals in an engaging and visually appealing format. The tool comprises of interlinked learning activities like tutorials, gaming activities and assessments to help students master the concepts. The teaching methodologies and curriculum conform to the Common Core Standards and also exposes kids to Eastern teaching methods.

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