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Top 7 YouTube Science Experiment Channels - Archived

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We had a great reaction to our Top 7 YouTube Channels for Learning Math, and so we have listened to you guys and put together our favorite YouTube Science Experiment Channels. These channels are great to look through to get ideas for the classroom, and liven up a chemistry, biology or general science class.

Sick Science is a channel that shows videos and cool science experiments from Steve Spangler and The channel has fun experiements that relate to everything from physics and chemistry, to light and sound. The videos are linked to a website that has all the experiments listed by category with detailed step by step instructions.

Veritasium is an excellent video science blog that has produced loads of great science experiment videos such as ‘Why is Ice Slippy?’, ‘Fire Syringe’ and the ‘Imploding Drum’!

Fizzics is an active education company that go on the road presenting science workshops for Australian schools. They have free science experiment resources on their website, and have some cool sound related experiments like this one on their YouTube channel:

Science Bob is a life long science fan who encourages parents and teachers to practice “Random Acts of Science” by providing instructions and videos for interactive science experiments on his web site, as well as public presentations and workshops that help make science come alive. His YouTube channel features many of these experiments, including making slime, static electricity, and liquid nitrogen fun.

MCE Experiments have a small number of science experiments on their channel, but are very popular with viewers. The channel is hosted by Cody & Max, and has  some nice visual experiements such as this Tornado in a Bottle:

 The Quirkles is book series is comprised of 26 imaginary scientists that help children everyday, all over the world, develop a love and appreciation for science. They have some fun experiments on their YouTube page that would be great to recreate in the classroom.

Dr Mad Science is a 10 year old science fan that has a YouTube channel that showcases simple easy kids experiments done using basic household products.