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Imagine an app that holds children’s attention for close to an hour, lets them navigate an asteroid field, shoot rocks in the desert, and that actually teaches them math skills, too. Kids may not know they’re learning while they’re playing, but this math app is now a new reality as the world’s first appisode The Digits has launched on the Itunes store.

Produced in Portland by Oregon native Scotty Iseri, the app, or “appisode” as Iseri coined it, represents a new method of educational storytelling. Iseri began the project as a fellowship with Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) after watching math comprehension drop in the US, with ages 7 to 11 being the critical age to capture students’ attention. He saw apps trying but missing the mark on educational concepts, especially in ways that really grabs kids, and he hired a curriculum guides to make sure The Digits follows STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum.

Scotty wanted to make The Digits available to kids where they already are—on YouTube, on tablet devices, on their parent’s phones, and tries to teach them a math lesson while they’re playing. The result? The Digits is now available in a town near you, and downloads on this first round are free for this show dubbed “Sesame Street for the Youtube Generation”.

The Digits is a next generation educational show that combines live action narrative comedy and interactive gameplay to introduce math concepts to children ages 7-to-11. The story features a cosmic rock band and features a strong female lead character, and a couple aliens as her math-learning bandmates. Together, they form The Digits and their mission is to fight an evil record exec who’s out to make the galaxy stupid.

By combining interactive gameplay seamlessly into the narrative, the outcome of the game directly affects the outcome of the story. Unlike many educational apps, The Digits was created under the guidance of a curriculum designer and implemented by a 20-year veteran schoolteacher. The Digits is the first New Media project to be granted rebates from the Oregon Governor’s Office of Film & Television.

The Digits delivers over 40 minutes of storytelling fun and exciting engagement for children, but also creates a network between parents and kids. Through a subscription service, parents receive updates on their child’s educational progress in plain English and with simple talking points and activities that bring the curriculum into the student’s every day life.

Download The Digits for iPhone/iPad or Android.

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