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The National Association for Child Development and Blue Whale Apps announced today the Speech Therapy App is now available for the Kindle Fire and Nook tablets after topping the charts in the Medical category on the iPad App Store for more than 4 straight months. The app was re-written for the Android platform and is now available in the Amazon and Barnes & Noble Appstore for $4.99.

Amazon’s app store is becoming a profitable place for developers, and a large portion of Amazon’s downloads are from the Kindle Fire. Also, Barnes & Noble had over 1 million app downloads in the first week for the Nook tablet.

“With Kindle Fire sales at an estimated 7 million devices and the release of the new Kindle Fire HD, it was the perfect opportunity release the Speech Therapy for Apraxia app on the Android platform” said Gregg Weiss, CEO of Blue Whale Web Apps, the mobile app developer responsible for developing the app. “There are several speech therapy apps for apraxia on the market today, but no other app provides the unique levels and processing like this app”.

The Speech Therapy for Apraxia app is a fun, user-friendly app to practice basic speech sound (phoneme) production and motor planning for speech. It is a perfect tool for young children with articulation problems and for children with apraxia/dyspraxia. Adults with apraxia can use the application as well. This app is primarily for improving motor planning for speech and can be used by parents for practice at home or by a speech pathologist as part of a formal speech therapy program.

“It was important to us to develop an app that parents can use at home for speech practice with their children but that is also an effective tool for therapists,” said Lori Riggs, Speech-Language Pathologist at NACD. Because the emphasis is on the child’s production, the parent or therapist should be an active participant in order to provide the user with feedback, reinforcement, and additional modeling. This app is not intended for independent use by the child/student.

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