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Should kids learn cursive writing in school anymore? - Archived

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On Tuesday the Kansas State Board of Education debated the possibility of cutting cursive handwriting from the curriculum. Cursive writing is not an actual requirement of The Common Core Standards for English, adopted by the State Board of Education in 2010.

Does the digital native generation growing up with technology such as iPads, really need to learn old fashioned cursive handwriting? How often do people actually write on paper anymore aside from filling in forms or signing a name? Should schools be focusing more on typing skills?

Reported by the Wichita Eagle, Bob Voboril, superintendent of schools for the Wichita Catholic Diocese said:

“Parents want to know what your school is doing to teach kids to be prepared for the world of technology,” Voboril told The Eagle last fall. “That’s a higher priority for parents than what we would call the penmanship arts.”

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