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New Approach to Teaching Shakespeare’s Plays: Shakespeare In Bits - Archived

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Teaching ShakespeareShakespeare In Bits is a multimedia approach to tackling the works of Shakespeare aimed at middle and high school teachers and students, providing a more engaging and interactive experience. Developed by MindConnex Learning there are now five plays in the Shakespeare In Bits series – Romeo & JulietMacbethHamletA Midsummer Night’s Dream and Julius Caesar, with a sixth title, Othello, in development.

Shakespeare In Bits can now be accessed in a variety of different formats – in the cloud with Shakespeare In Bits Live!, on iOSMac or PC and has just recently launched on Android via SamsungApps.com, making it a truly cross-platform app.

Commenting on the launch of Shakespeare In Bits on Android, Michael Cordner, CEO of MindConnex Learning, said,

“Having enjoyed the success of Shakespeare In Bits on iPad and iPhone, as well as PC, Mac and online for schools, launching the series on Android is a natural progression for MindConnex Learning. As one of the most prevalent operating systems in the market, we believe that it will enable us to reach more students and teachers with our renditions of The Bard’s works. Android is a logical new home for Shakespeare In Bits.”

Educators can sign up for a free two week trial of Shakespeare In Bits Live! Check it out, well worth a look!