blended learning

Blended Learning Booklets for Teachers - Archived

We know that many of you are either using blended learning techniques, or would like to use them in your classroom. In our daily trawl through the web, we came across some excellent resources for teachers from the Australian NSW Public Schools website.

They have produced a nice page that answers some common blended learning questions, gives exemplars, and provides four excellent booklets on blended learning techniques. We thought that the booklets were excellent at describing and helping with some of the key challenges to blended learning. Definitely worth a read through if you are using blended learning techniques, or if it is something that your school is looking to do in the future.

Booklet 1 Learning new skills in blending (pdf 365kb)
Ways of developing your skills in blending
Booklet 2 Lessons from experience (pdf 606kb)
Suggestions for dealing with the challenges you’ll face when you combine online and face-to-face approaches
Booklet 3 The Exemplars (pdf 363kb)
Accounts of blended learning
Booklet 4 Glossary of terms and courses (pdf 180kb)