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7 Must-Have Apps for Elementary School Teachers - Archived

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Elementary school students have short attention spans. Teachers must change gears every 15-20 minutes, which means having multiple activities and resources at their fingertips. Transitioning so often will become easier with these 7 must-have apps for elementary school teachers. Whether used as a whole class or individually, students will be so engaged their attention may last beyond its usual short span.

Super Speller

Spelling tests are an integral part of elementary education. Super Speller helps students prepare for those all-important spelling tests. From word searches to fill-in-the-blank exercises, Super Speller gives students multiple ways to practice their weekly spelling words so that by Friday they are ready to ace their spelling tests.

BrainPop Jr.

The BrainPop Jr. Movie of the Week app gives teachers, particularly those in kindergarten through third grade, educational videos to show In their classroom. Each week a new BrainPop video is featured for free through the app. Subscribers to BrainPop Jr. can also access the quizzes and more videos through the app.

Spell Board

SpellBoard gives students multiple ways to build their vocabularies. The app features word search puzzles, fill-in-the blank questions and scrambled words. Teachers can track student progress and assign different spelling lists through the app.

Word Search

Help students build their vocabularies or just fill time with the Word Search app. The app allows you to create your own word searches. Words can be highlighted in fun colors and students are timed as they search for the words.

Math Board

Teachers focused on teaching basic math skills may find Math Board useful. Problems are randomly generated, but the content included in the questions can be customized. Quizzes can be taken in a timed or untimed format.

K12 Timed Reading

K12 Timed Reading helps build students’ fluency by providing them with short reading passages and other activities. Passages are searchable by Flesch-Kincaid level. Teachers may use the app with multiple students and track their reading progress over a period of time.

Brain Quest Blast Off

With Brain Quest Blast Off, teachers can download grade appropriate trivia lessons. Each grade-level app features four games students can play to practice their trivia. The subject of the questions vary, but it is a good way to do a general review in class or just get students engaged