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Top 8 Educational Apps for Health Education - Archived

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Apps for Health EducationHealth education class used to involve watching dated videos and looking at graphic pictures in a textbook. Thanks to apps, it is now a little more exciting. With these top 8 educational apps for health, students can access interactive, engaging information and be inspired to make healthy decisions.

Health Ed Buddy

Health Ed Buddy makes a health education teacher’s job easier by providing lesson plans on common topics, such as healthy eating, substance abuse and teen health problems. The app also features fun quizzes and flash cards to help students study health education topics. Video and daily health news sections allow students, teachers and parents to explore the latest news in teen health and stay educated about their bodies.

Awesome Eats

Awesome Eats, designed by Whole Foods, is a healthy eating app for children. The app includes games which feature fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods. As children play the games and interact with the characters in the game, they are inspired to make healthier choices when it comes to food.


Eat-and-Move-O-Matic helps students understand more about the foods they eat and the effects those foods have on the body. The goal of the app is to encourage students to make healthier lifestyle choices. Through the app they can calculate the calories they eat and determine how much exercise it will take to burn those calories off.



FitQuest is designed to get students moving and develop healthier lifestyles. Health education teachers can use the app to get students off the couch and show them that physical activity can be fun. To use the app, users jog, jump and perform other movements to control the squirrel in the game and try to advance levels and complete tasks.


KidsDoc, from the American Academy of Pediatrics, offers a symptom checker to help adults determine what health problems children may have and whether seeing a doctor is necessary. While the app is not a substitute for an actual doctor, it can provide helpful information. It can also be used by teachers as a tool to help students study unique diseases or learn about symptoms of common illnesses to watch for.


YumPower helps individuals find healthy meal options wherever they are. The app contains information on nearby restaurants and specific menu items and can direct users to low-calorie, high-fiber and other healthy food options. The app will also help show children and teens that they do not always have to eat unhealthy food. Through the app, they will be more motivated ot make healthy choices and may find some new healthy foods they enjoy.

Sexual Education

The Sexual Education app helps introduce an often uncomfortable part of health education. Through this encyclopedia, students learn about different sexual education topics, including a discussion of specific sexual diseases and how to prevent them. The app’s colors and design appeal to teenagers and make sex education a little less awkward.

99 – The Talk

Designed for parents preparing to talk to their teenagers about sex, 99 – The Talk is also beneficial for students and health education teachers. The app features answers to 99 questions about sex education. It also features a handy notes feature to allow users to take notes as they read and mark which topics to study further.