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Top 10 Apps for Physical Education Teachers - Archived

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Physical education involves more than playing games all period long. As a PE teacher, you are also responsible for teaching students to develop healthy habits and realize the importance of making physical activity a regular part of their lives. Through theses top 10 apps for PE teachers, you can help your students see physical education as more than a fun period during the day.

C-Fit Dance

C-Fit Dance is designed to get students up and moving. Using the app, teachers can access lesson plans that relate to the videos and moves contained within the app. Step-by-step instructions help students learn new moves. PE teachers can incorporate everything from West African dance to Latin fusion dances in their classrooms.

Daily Workouts

Daily Workouts takes the work out of coming up with workouts and exercise routines for students. With the app, teachers can create a routine to target a specific area, such as legs or cardio and set the time for the routine. Videos show how to perform each of the more than 100 exercises included as part of the app.

Sports Rules

Sports Rules makes remembering the rules for the different sports you play in PE easier. The app is fairly simple, free from a lot of and graphics so you can get straight to the rules. Rules for 18 different sports are available through the app.

Teen  BMI

With Teen BMI, you can help determine whether students have a healthy BMI or need to work on developing a healthier lifestyle. The app includes information to compare where a student’s BMI falls compared to others his age and offers a weight tracker. A version of the app is also available for children.


VCE PE offers podcasts and videos related to popular physical education topics. Teachers can have students use the videos and charts as part of an independent study program or incorporate them into PE class. Topics range from recovering from injury to the aerobic energy system.

Short Sequence

Short Sequence: Kids Yoga Journey is a way for PE teachers to introduce yoga to their students. The app features 7 basic yoga positions children can do and helps teach them the principles of yoga. Images in the app feature kids in the various yoga poses.

HealthStar Tracker

HealthStar Tracker works with the popular MicroFit HealthStar Manager software to help PE teachers track student progress. With the app, teachers are able to access their class rosters and data right from their smartphone or tablet. From there they can check off goals students meet, mark their progress on fitness tests and monitor their heart rate and steps taken.

Kiddy Keep Fit

Kiddy Keep Fit makes exercising fun for children. PE teachers can incorporate the fun songs contained in the app into their regular curriculum. Six fun songs are included with the app and each song focuses on different body movements.


Timer+ allows physical education teachers to run multiple timers at once. With the ability to create preset timers, teachers can automatically turn on timers for specific activities or keep track of periods in a game. It can also run in the background while using other apps so you can track of class time or other activities while using other apps in class.

PE Plus

PE Plus is a go-to app for PE teachers. It features over 100 different games in 10 different categories to encourage children to get moving. Also included in the app are special lesson plans for physical education teachers, ranging from short activities to lengthier lessons.