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Top 10 Apps for Middle School Teachers - Archived

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Dealing with pre-teens and teenagers is tough. To survive, middle school teachers need to have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. The top 10 app for middle school teachers provide teachers with the tricks they need to keep students engaged and organized, thereby making working with middle school students much easier and more enjoyable.

Monkey in the Middle

The Monkey in the Middle apps are designed to help middle school students with math, science and vocabulary. Students review important concepts by browsing notes in the app or playing fun games with monkeys. They can play alone or with friends, making the app more engaging. Each app features a different game with the same cute monkey characters.

My Homework

Middle school students often have trouble with organization. My Homework helps build organization skills by providing them with a place to organize their homework. No longer will teachers have to hear the “I forgot” excuse. The app features calendars and sends reminders to keep students up-to-date with their latest assignments.

My Grades to Go

Instead of hearing students ask what their grade is every second or being surprised by a grade come report card time, teach students to use My Grades to Go. If you use a traditional grading scale, students can input their grades as they receive them and have the average instantly calculated. Students will also learn what it will take to move up to the grade they want or maintain a certain grade.

Our Place

Our Place gives middle school students a place to vent, ask questions and find support. Teachers can also join the app and provide advice to students. Included in the app is a diary , a weekly podcast and the first chapter of a novel all about the drama that goes on in middle school.

Middle School Vocabulary Prep

With Middle School Vocabulary Prep, students can begin to build critical vocabulary skills. Teachers can customize the app by adding student names, assigning words to study and tracking their progress and they use the app. Over 300 words are available in the app.


Teachers who regularly use BrainPop in the classroom will enjoy using the BrainPop Featured Movie app. With a subscription to BrainPop you can access many of the videos available through the BrainPop website. Without a subscription, students can watch a different featured video every day and then go through activities and quizzes to test their knowledge on the subject.

Flash Cards Buddy Pro

Students who need help building study skills will find that studying is easier with Flash Cards Buddy Pro. The app allows students to create and organize flash cards and turn them into quizzes. They can choose to test their knowledge in a timed or untimed format.


inClass does more than just help middle school students keep track of their homework assignments. The app also offers resources for taking video and audio notes for students to review. Special alarms and reminder features are included to help students keep on top of all they have to do.

Train my Brain Mental Math

Math is not always fun for middle school students, but Train my Brain Mental Math seeks to change that. Teachers can use the app to bring more exciting activities into the math classroom or simply help students brush up on their skills. Five main games and multiple difficulty levels are available.

Type n Talk

Type n Talk is simply a fun app that can help middle school teachers spice up instruction in the classroom. If students are having particular trouble paying attention, type in what you want to say and have it come out sounding like one of their favorite celebrities or another silly voice.