7 YouTube Channels for Learning Math - Archived

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If you search for ‘Math’ on YouTube, almost 650,000 results appear, and it can be hard to find good quality videos for learning math. We love looking through YouTube to find interesting edtech videos, and we have sifted through the best of these math videos to bring you ten of the highest quality math YouTube channels for learning.

Mathcasts is a Maths revision website created by teachers at Uxbridge High School, London. They have produced lots of great videos on their YouTube channel from Percentages to Integration that focuses on the GCSE math exams. These videos are clear and well-explained by the teachers.

Khan Academy is one of the biggest uploaders for Math videos on YouTube with a huge range of different subject types and exam focus, including SAT math and competition math. You can see their full range through their website, where all the videos are sorted and indexed.

Video Math Tutor has an interesting selection of videos, including lots of multiplication and division flash cards that can help students revise their times table.

VCE Further Maths Help has videos based on the VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) course created by Shannon, a Melbourne-based math tutor. The videos include historgrams and bar charts, bivariate and univariate data and other important data analysis techniques.

EducateTube.com is another excellent YouTube resource for math students, with videos on GED math and basic math, like addition and subtraction.

Yourteacher.com has a massive following on YouTube, with good reason. This channel has over 11 pages of videos ranging from geometry to test preparation (MCAS, HSPA, AIMS etc…). With very clear presenters, these videos would be excellent for all levels of students.

Thenewboston is another channel that has a wide range of subjects, and have lots of videos on basic math, algebra and geometry. Have a read of his blog to find out why he decided to become part of the YouTube community. As he says:

“I soon realized that these videos were something more than just another cat video on YouTube. They were a gateway to a higher education, for free. While Universities and Corporations were charging like crazy for people to receive an education, people could come and watch my videos and get the same information for no cost at all. I decided that this is the way it would be. An education should be free for everyone who desires one. It should not be a business. And quickly, that became my goal.”