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GoVenture: Teaching Business Skills through Game Based Learning - Archived

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GoVenture is a series of international award-winning educational games & simulations that offers fun, fast and effective game based learning. Students can enhance their business and life skills through their suite of games & educational apps, by directly experiencing real life scenarios through simulated game play.

Subjects such as business and finance are often difficult to teach using conventional teaching methods. By allowing students to experience simulations, they can run their own virtual business and learn valuable skills through trial and error. Similar to how pilots train using flight simulators, highly visual and realistic GoVenture simulations enable people to gain years of experience in minutes.

game based learningGoVenture products have been mapped to regional and national education standards to make it easy for teachers to link the games with their curriculum. There are tons of resources on their website including: Cheat Sheets, Training Videos, User Guides, Case Studies, Education Standards Maps  & Activities, Topics & Outcomes.

Their recent product GoVenture Health is a gamified ebook that introduces 59 health and wellness topics to learners from aged 10 years to adult. Aligned with the US National Health Education Standards it covers a range of topics from bullying to teen pregnancy.

If you prefer mobile learning, check out their list of free and paid iPad and Android apps. Some of the iPad Apps are listed below:

  • GoVenture MAPme: A fun game for learning letters, numbers, words, and geography all at the same time.
  • GoVenture MATCHme: A memory matching game for fun and learning.
  • GoVenture FINANCEme: Gain personal finance skills with this fun and educational game for two or more players.
  • GVenture MATHme: A visual and effective way to practice basic numeracy skills.
  • GoVenture HEARme:  A sound matching game for fun and learning. Includes hundreds of amazing cards and sounds, including letters, numbers, phonics, and more. Learn sounds using flashcards and then play the sound matching game.

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