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8 Awesome Apps for Teaching Reading - Archived

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Teaching kids to read is a big job. Not only does it take a lot of time and patience, it also takes a lot of resources. These 8 awesome educational apps should be added to every reading teacher’s resource collection. From fluency finders to resources to help find the right books for students, they are designed to make teaching reading a little easier.

Read Me Stories

Read Me Stories is designed to make reading fun for younger readers. Children receive a new book to explore each day. Books feature simple words that are highlighted to help children as they read. Bright, colorful pictures also accompany each story.

Scholastic Reading Timer

Scholastic Reading Timer gives students a way to track the amount of time they spend reading and the number of pages they read. As students read more they earn badges and prizes. Teachers and parents will also find the app useful because of the reading lists and tips it contains.


Goodreads allows individuals to log the books they have read and receive recommendations for new books to read. Reading teachers can use this app to find books based on student interests. The 2,000 public domain works contained in the app will also give them access to more texts for their classrooms.

teaching readingPlayTales Bookstore

PlayTales Bookstore features interactive books for children. Books are available in three different modes, allowing parents and teachers to read to children, children to read by themselves and the app to automatically read the book. While many books must be purchased, there is also a large selection of free books.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is the popular school reading program in app form. Using the Accelerated Reader app, teachers and students can find books based on a student’s AR level and take AR quizzes. Teachers can also access students’ quiz scores and track their reading progress.

Fluency Timer

Fluency Timer is designed to help improve students’ reading fluency. With the app, students record themselves reading and the playback the recording. Teachers can listen to the recordings to scan for various areas of difficulty and e-mail the recordings to parents or others involved in a student’s education.

Reader’s Workshop

Reader’s Workshop helps teachers monitor students’ reading and note problems in specific areas. The app features a three-point scale to note when students exhibit behaviors such as making inferences and synthesizing information. After marking where students fall on the scale, students can view the progress of the class or an individual student through colorful graphs created by the app.


iWPM makes it easy to determine how fast and accurately students are reading. To use iWPM, teachers simply enter the number of words they want students to read and start the stopwatch.  When the student has finished reading, the timer is stopped and the student’s wpm is immediately calculated. You can also add the number of errors a student made to calculate reading accuracy.