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7 Great Apps for Speech Therapy Teachers - Archived

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As a speech teacher, you encounter a wide variety of speech problems and disabilities on a daily basis. Every student’s problem is a little different, which means you must have a wide variety of resources on hand. These 7 great apps for speech therapy provide speech teachers with the activities, resources and support they need to effectively work with students who have a wide range of speech problems and other disabilities that affect their speech. This allows you to spend less time searching for resources and more time helping your students.

iName It

iName It helps children build their vocabulary and practice finding common words. The app includes 50 objects commonly found around the home. Children see the text of the words on the background of pictures representing the objects in their common areas of the home. The words are also used in sentences and common instructions to help children become more familiar with them.

Articulate It

Articulate It contains over 1,000 words featuring common sounds children often have difficulty with.  Speech teachers and therapists can set goals for individual students and track their progress as they listen to and repeat different words and sounds. A built-in recording feature allows children to hear themselves as they practice saying the words as well.

Speech with Milo

Speech with Milo is a series of apps designed to help students with articulation, specific parts of speech, sequencing and other speech issues. The apps feature an adorable cartoon mouse named Milo who helps students master the various concepts. They are also designed to track student progress and help identify specific problem areas.

Articulation Flip Books

Articulation Flip Books features multiple digital flip books for students to use to improve their speech book. The app contains books to help students with expressive language and receptive language. All books feature colorful pictures and place the language in different concepts. A few free books are included with the app, but books focusing on specific concepts must be purchased separately.

Language TherAppy

Language TherAppy combines four different speech and language therapy apps into one. With this app, students can get help with naming, reading fluency and comprehension and writing issues. The app includes quizzes and practice exercises to help students with various language problems. Results of the quizzes and exercises are turned into reports that can quickly be downloaded and e-mailed.

ABA Flash Cards

ABA Flash Cards is a series of flash cards apps designed to help children build their vocabulary. All of the flash cards contain real-life images of objects or concepts. The images are accompanied by an audio recording of each word. Music reinforcement is also available to help children make connections to help them learn and recall words.

SLP Break Room

SLP Break Room is designed to give speech teachers a break and offer a light-hearted view of the profession. After working with students all day, teachers can take some time to browse the funny pictures with captions relation to speech therapy. They can also find humorous blog posts and articles from other speech teachers.