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We were very impressed at the efforts of the Hong Kong Digital Game Based Learning Association to promote digital games and education for parents, students and teachers in Hong Kong. We think that it is interesting to see how countries around the world are managing and promoting game-based learning, and asked them to tell us a bit more about the work they are doing:

Hong Kong Digital Game-based Learning Association is an independent non-profit making organization which aims to provide a variety of services that benefits parents, students and teaching professionals who are interested in digital games and education. Established in 2008, HKDGBLA was formed by a group of professionals from education and video game industry who strongly believe that digital games possess valuable elements and characteristics that can be utilized to make formal education more effective for the new generation.

hong kong gbl

The organization has been working with different schools and institutions in Hong Kong to promote two main concepts: learn through playing and learn through creating digital games. They have been holding seminars and workshops for teachers and parents to demonstrate how students are actually learning from digital games. They co-operate with schools to work on game-based learning demo classes and pilots; and conduct research for the local serious game projects and deliver the results in local and overseas conferences.

hong kong gbl

Their recent project focuses on the use of Kodu Game Lab to teach game development and subject knowledge in regular Mathematics and English lessons. Kodu Game Lab is a free game making tool developed by Microsoft for students and everyone to build games without the need of knowing any programming language. In the series of well-planned lessons, students would acquire abstract Mathematic concepts, practice language skills and improve their 21st century skills while working together to produce their first digital game.

hong kong gbl

Hong Kong Digital Game-based Learning Association is the organizer of the annual Hong Kong Game Development Competition. Being the forth year of the event, the theme of the 2012 competition is “Games for Change: Health Living”. It encourages the local talents from different aspects of life to design and develop games that have an impact on the society and the world. Whether it is targeting a small group of audience or tackling a world-wide issue, it is believed that digital games can spread positive messages to the players and help improve the society. The competition expects that the developed games would improve people’s health and the health of the society as a whole.

hong kong gbl

Upcoming events:

1st Serious Gaming & Social Connect 2012 Conference,Singapore

The 4th Hog Kong Digital Game Development Competition

HKEdCity Learning and Teaching Expo 2012


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