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Playing Games is Educational. G-Learning (Game based Learning) applies educational content in the class room. The G-Learning purpose is to improve the efficiency in the academic achievements of the students. Gravity Interactive developer of the popular massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) ROSE Online has partnered with South Korea based CMI (Korean Contents Managements Institute) to bring G-Learning to public Education in Vietnam.

“We have seen the success that G-Learning has had and we are excited to see the results from the class room in Vietnam,” said Jay H. Choi, Vice President at Gravity Interactive US Office. “The excitement in learning is what we have enjoyed seeing, and to see that comprehension results are higher with the G-Learning system has been spectacular!”

game based learningG-Learning has seen results in the United States, South Korea and is currently in class rooms in Vietnam. In September 2010, G-learning was used for the first time in a United States elementary school in Culver City, California. The results of the first G-Learning class showed a 10.8% increase in scoring averages with Game Based Learning of Math. Last year, Gyeonggi Province surveyed 42 elementary schools conducting G-learning classes in English and Math with scores improving respectively, 52% and 29%.

This year in Trân Duc Luong, Vietnam G-Learning, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, will be used in class rooms and expanded based on results. “The students and teachers reaction was beyond expectation,” said Chay Trong Lien Hio Quic, Officer at the Ministry of Education. “Depending on the result, we will plan to extend the G-learning to whole Ho Chi Minh City schools, Vietnam is now focusing on global education and Game based learning which is perfectly suitable for our policy contents.” he added.

About Game Based Learning (G-learning)
The Contents Management Institute developed an online curriculum based on analysis of the English & math curriculum for fifth graders using “Rose Online,” it’s based on Massively Multiplayer Online Game created by Gravity Interactive and introduced it to the public school system. The method was first used in business management classes at ChungAng University in 2003, and over the past eight years has been adopted by graduate schools at Seoul National University and elementary, middle and high schools in Korea. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology designated “model schools” for G-learning in 2009, and since then G-learning has been conducted in English and math classes at those schools.

Contents Management Institute (CMI) has been constructing G-learning service infrastructure such as producing G-learning contents, designing G-Learning instruction and G-learning teacher training program. Game based learning is perfectly suitable for the general education that is familiar with online games. While playing games, they have fun and learn. The basic premise is to utilize gaming’s optimal functions, to immerse and not repress the game.

About Gravity Interactive, Inc.
Headquartered in Marina Del Rey (California, U.S.A.), Gravity Interactive, Inc. was established in March 2003 and is the U.S. subsidiary of Gravity Co. Ltd. (South Korea). Gravity Interactive, Inc. is a world-renowned leader in online game publishing and operates Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) for the North American casual and hardcore gaming markets. The company’s flagship title, Ragnarok Online, has over three (3) million North American subscribers (about 50 million subscribers worldwide) and has been joined by other titles Dragon Saga, Requiem: Memento Mori, ROSE Online and Maestia: Rise Of Keledus. More information can be found at

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