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Vittra Telefonplan Future School in Sweden – in the Present! - Archived

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Feast your eyes on this! Now this truly is a future school in the present! Located in Stockholm, Sweden, this amazing school is from the Swedish Free School Organization, Vittra. Instead of a classic classroom setup with desks and chairs, a giant iceberg with a cinema, a platform and room for relaxation and recreation now forms the setting of many different types of learning situations.

Designed by Copenhagen-based studio Rosan Bosch, the school’s interior was designed to revolve around Vittra’s educational principles and serves as an educational tool for development through everyday activities. Vittra puts a high priority on developing new methods for teaching and interaction as a basis for educational development. Instead of conventional classroom teaching, the students are taught in groups adjusted to their achievement level based on the school’s educational principles about “the watering hole”, “the show-off”,“the cave”, “the campfire” and “the laboratory”.

Wow! Well the rest of us can dream….

future school