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Educational Apps for Autism Website - Archived

educational appsEvery week, headlines tout the benefits of educational apps, iPad, iPhone, and Android technology for kids with autism and other special needs, but the economy is tough and technology is not cheap. If a parent is lucky enough to get their hands on an iDevice or Android device, they are still stuck with the problem of navigating the overcrowded world of apps. When they finally stumble upon a seemingly credible autism app, parents can be confronted with price tags that can range from $.99 up to $200! With money tight these days, how is a parent to know which apps are worth the cost?

Enter an ambitious and passionate teenager, Jack Kieffer, of South Barrington, Illinois. Three years ago, Jack began volunteering with special needs kids through his community’s Special Recreation Association. His volunteer experience with kids who were using paper or laminated communication boards (based on the PECS system), inspired him to start a technology-based autism app review site, Autism Plugged In.

The iPad, iPhone, iPod, and various Android devices have been successfully used to educate and entertain kids affected by autism. These devices are an easy-to-use and relatively affordable way to enhance an autistic child’s learning environment. Jack’s website and weekly newsletter help parents navigate the multitude of apps available to those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related disabilities.

“We’re providing honest and thorough app reviews written by teachers, therapists, parents, and special needs volunteers. These are people who really care about individuals with different abilities,” said Jack Kieffer, Autism Plugged In Founder.

Through the efforts of Autism Plugged In, over $2,400 has been earned, collected, and donated to Jack’s favorite autism charity, the Organization for Autism Research (OAR), a 501(c)3, whose mission is to “apply research to the challenges of autism.”

About Autism Plugged In

Autism Plugged In ( is a leading provider of product reviews for autism apps, special needs apps, and related technology. Autism Plugged In offers global access to the latest teaching, learning, and communication technology geared to help those on the autism spectrum. Autism Plugged In’s app review site is the easiest way for parents and teachers to find affordable and effective autism apps.

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