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7 Educational Apps to Explore American Literature - Archived

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American LiteratureAmerican literature includes classic authors such as Mark Twain and Washington Irving to more modern authors such as Thomas Pynchon and Tony Morrison. The texts included in a course in American literature tell a story of how the country was developed and the changes it has seen over time and also explores the diversity of American culture. These seven educational apps to explore American literature provide you with an opportunity to read some of the literature on your smartphone or tablet and also offer commentary, analysis and other resources to make sense of it all.

Spark Notes

With the Spark Notes app, you can access and download study guides for well-known pieces of American literature. The study guides contain character descriptions, chapter summaries and key themes for a work of literature to help you better understand the work. Keep in mind, however, that the guides are not a substitute for reading the real thing, just an aid to help you understand it when you do.

Barron’s EZ-101 Study Keys

Barron’s EZ-101 Study Keys: American Literature is another app designed as a study guide for popular works of American literature. Instead of focusing on specific pieces of literature like other study guide apps, this app gives you an audio overview of American literature, focusing on key periods, starting with the colonial period. While the app has 4.5 total hours of audio, it is easy to stop and restart, bookmark key sections or only listen to one section at a time.

American Literature: A Brief History

Vook’s American Literature: A Brief History app contains information about major movements in American literature, including the romanticism, transcendentalism and realism movements. The app has a textbook format with special text boxes designed to highlight specific authors and works of literature in each movement. It also features high-quality pictures to help bring American literature to life.

CliifsNotes Literature Notes

CliffsNotes Literature Notes  apps are available for some of the most popular works of American literature. Download the apps for classic works of American literature, such as Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or find more current works, such as Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. Each individual literature app is available for purchase within the CliffsNotes Study Guides app.

American Literature – Oxford Dictionary

Brush up on key terms with the American Literature – Oxford Dictionary app. In addition to definitions of major movements and characteristics of American literature, you will find author biographies and overviews of some of the best-known pieces of American literature. The cross reference feature will help you make connections between ideas, authors and works to help you better understand American literature as a whole.

Literary Analysis Guide

No matter what type of literature you’re studying, you are likely to have to analyze it. The Literary Analysis Guide app will help you analyze the American literature you read.  The app includes definitions of key literary terms, overviews of different types of literature and examples of analysis. It will also provide tips, tricks and examples to help you write the perfect analysis paper.


America n literature is full of allusions and the Allusionary app is designed to help you figure out what they all mean. The app provides a game to test your overall knowledge of literary allusions. As you correctly guess the meaning of allusions provided in the app, you will become more confident in your analysis of allusions in American literature.