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5 Great Educational Apps for Studying Botany - Archived

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Hundreds of thousands of plant species live on Earth and within those hundreds of thousands of species are even more subspecies and varieties. The sheer number of plants and the fact that scientists discover new species and subspecies on an almost daily basis can make studying botany difficult. When it comes to keeping up with all the different species of plants, botany-based apps comes in handy. No matter where you are in the world, educational apps can help improve your study of botany by providing you with information about local plant species.

Wild Edibles

Wondering what plants are safe to eat and which will leave you with a less than pleasant experience? The Wild Edibles app helps build your knowledge of edible plants and improve your survival skills. Since edible plants can sometimes look like non-edible plants, each edible plant is contains 8 different images to help you distinguish between the plant and its non-edible lookalikes. The app also features tips of harvesting the plants and recipes to try.

Botany Buddy

Beginning botanists and professionals in the field will appreciate Botany Buddy, a field guide in app form. The app features over 2,000 different tree and shrub species and nearly 10,000 colorful images. Images are designed so you can zoom in and see specific features. Plants are grouped by specifications such as color, seeds, sun exposure and hardiness zone to help you find plants you find in a specific environment or locate plants that will work in your garden.

MyNature Tree Guide

MyNature Tree Guide has been rated as a top reference app for its information on the trees of North America. This app from MyNature Inc. allows you to use leaf and needle identification to locate the trees that you find all over North America and see if it matches one of the 190 species contained in the app. You can also answer questions to help identify local trees that you find or use the app’s ruler to take measurements of leaves and fruits to use in research and for general identification purposes.

Landscaper’s Companion

Designed for gardeners and landscapers, Landscaper’s Companion: Reference Guide to Plants by Stevenson Software, LLC contains information on 25,000 different plants, trees and shrubs. The information on sun exposure, bloom time and scientific names will be helpful to botanists as they expand their knowledge of plant species found throughout North America, the United Kingdom and Australia. You can also add your own plant pictures, species and notes.


Developed by researchers at Columbia University, the University of Maryland and the Smithsonian, Leafsnap combines technology and plant identification. With the app, you can take a picture of a leaf and it will use its visual recognition software to help identify the tree the leaf comes from. The app also contains thousands of pictures of trees, leaves, flowers and seeds organized by scientific name and common name to help build your knowledge of plants, trees and shrubs.