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Top 5 Apps for Elementary Math - Archived

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Apps offer a unique way to help elementary students practice math skills. By turning math into a game or combining it with technology, even your struggling students will enjoy building their math skills using a smartphone or tablet. These top 5 apps for elementary math are a must for every elementary math student.

Team Umizoomi

Featuring 5 different games and characters from Nickelodeon’s popular show Team Umizoomi, the Team Umizoomi: Zoom Into Numbers app is ideal for preschoolers and younger elementary students. Students will practice their counting skills, play games that require them to solve addition and subtraction problems and learn how to use a number line. With its fun sounds, bright colors and cute characters, kids will beg to use the app.

Rocket Math

Rocket Math has won multiple awards as a top app because of the quality of the app and the range of skills it builds.  As they build rockets and explore space, students complete one of the 56 missions included with the app. Missions test skills such as division, square roots, patterns, fractions, counting money and telling time. As they answer problems correctly and complete missions, kids earn medals and are challenged to keep getting higher scores.

Epic Math

To help build basic math skills, Epic Math features fun games and other activities for children. Children can practice counting by 2, 5 or 10 or matching numbers with their written form. The app also features an interactive storybook to help give an overview of basic math skills and a fun hide and seek game where children search for numbers.


MathBoard has the look of a traditional chalkboard. Problems are written in digital chalk and children practice solving them like they are working on an actual chalkboard. The app is ideal for teaching children how to work with integers as they develop their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. Quizzes can be timed to help children become faster and more confident with their skills.


Operation Math

Operation Math sends kids on a mission to stop Dr. Odd as he tries to get rid of all of the even numbers in the world.  The app includes 105 missions for students to complete. Children can also play games at different levels to help them start lower and continually build their skills. As they play, students unlock watches, uniforms and other items to help them as they travel throughout 15 exotic locations and stop Dr. Odd.

Not long after downloading these apps, your elementary students will be counting, adding, subtracting and using other math skills like pros. The fun aspect of all of the apps will make them seem more like play than work, meaning students will spend less time idle and more time learning.