Teaching kids how to tell the time: Tell Time Educational app review - Archived

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Learning how to tell the time is a key social and life skill for all young kids. Tell Time, is a simple but very effective educational app for teaching elementary kids how to tell the time. The game uses both multiple choice and hands on gaming problems to help kids learn how to tell the time. Players watch a lesson, and then answer questions afterwards, and it includes lessons on using both a digital and an analog clock. The game has bright and engaging graphics set to a jungle theme, and the lessons are read out clearly and are very easy to understand.










There are four main lessons, ‘The Clocks’, ‘Time to the Hour’, ‘Half Hour’ and ‘Quarter Hour’, which would be most suited to kids aged 4 to 9 years. These lessons are aligned to common core standards, and all the tests in the educational app are adapted to the child’s level of understanding and questions are dynamically generated.

We liked the simple layout of this app, and how we felt it would be very effective for helping elementary kids to learn how to tell the time. The use of both hands on gaming techniques and multiple choice questions makes the game more interactive and engaging for the kids. Parents/Teachers can subscribe to weekly email reports to track progress, and performance reports are also available to keep an eye on how the kids are doing.

In addition to teaching how to tell the time, the game has a shopping and avatar customization integrated into the game. In the lessons and subsequent problems, a monkey helps players along and the more questions the player gets correct, the more coins they earn. These can then be redeemed in a shop for glasses / hats and other items to put on your monkey. We made ours into a festival monkey!

Overall, this is a great little app to teach a key life skill, and would be perfect for kids that find it difficult to get their heads around an analog or digital clock.