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Hello AvatarGeneration Community! We’re building an iPad App especially for you! We’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund an educational technology discovery iPad app, edtech:ED. The iPad app allows educators to discover new educational technologies, and provides a platform for developers to showcase their educational apps, web tools, learning games & virtual worlds to their target audience.

Support the campaign here: http://www.indiegogo.com/avatargeneration

The edtech:ED app is an extension of our mission to bring together educational technology resources, and will help both educators and educational technology developers:

  • Benefits for Educators:edtech:ED will help educators discover new educational apps, learning games, web tools and virtual worlds that can be used in the classroom. The teaching tools featured on the app will be tagged by subject and category so educators can receive notifications when an educational technology tool appears that they are interested in. They can save their favorite technologies and share them with their peers on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Benefits for Developers:edtech:ED is a direct link from developers to educators. Through the app, developer’s educational technology tools are featured with information on the use of the app, and where it can be downloaded. Developers will be able to reach thousands of educators in their target market.

Samantha Kotey Editor of AvatarGeneration says:

“There are hundreds of thousands of educational apps and educational technology software in the marketplace and it can be confusing, difficult and time-wasting for teachers to find the best tools for their students. edtech:ED will give educators quick, easy and detailed information about new educational technologies without having the hassle of trawling though many different websites, search engines, and app stores. It will also provide a platform for developers to showcase their educational techologies to their target audience”.

We hope to raise $20,000 to develop the edtech:ED app. We are asking developers and interested parties to contribute funds on Indiegogo in return for app ‘perks’. These include a copy of the app, a special preview before public launch and developers can get featured in the app aswell as a featured post on the www.avatargeneration.com website.

Show your support and spread the word! We’ll be eternally grateful!

Campaign Link: http://www.indiegogo.com/avatargeneration