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8 Amazing Educational Apps for Political Science - Archived

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Technology has drastically changed the world of political science. During election season, voters can get texts, tweets and regular updates from candidates. News agencies can reach broader audiences with their take on the current political scene through state-of-the art websites and apps. A politician’s every move can be seen online. These eight amazing educational apps for political science continue to change the way you look at political science, by giving you instant access to historical information and combining it with the latest news, from how politicians are voting in the U.S. Congress to the details on biggest political conflicts around the world.

Real Clear Politics

Based in Chicago, Real Clear Politics provides political commentary, analysis and news without party affiliation. The app makes it easy to access the latest political news and current polls. It also gives you links to other resources to help you explore political history and current news stories.


Politico’s app helps you stay up-to-date on all things politics. Articles in the app contain high-quality images and videos to enhance their content. You can receive push notifications to help you stay on top of the latest developing stories in the political world or simply choose to browse the top political articles and blogs on your own.

Show of Hands

Part of learning about political science is getting involved in the political process, even if it’s just discussing the latest political events with others. Show of Hands gives you the opportunity to do just that. This anonymous polling app allows you to quickly express your opinion on a wealth of political topics. You can then see how others responded, even breaking the data down to analyze it by factors such as age, gender and level of income.


iAmerica offers the ultimate guide to American history and the presidency in app form. Read presidential biographies, find out the general structure of the U.S. government or learn who your current congressmen are. You will also find links to federal and state government agencies and other key information about government.

Real-time Congress

Ever wondered what goes on in Congress on a daily basis? Real-time Congress helps you figure it out. The app contains daily and weekly congressional schedules and gives live updates from the floors of the House and Senate. You will also have access to key policy documents and learn the results of key votes.

Political Time Machine

Political Time Machine helps you explore presidential races starting as far back as 1892. Learn about the candidates in each election, include the lesser-known candidates, view campaign videos and explore the political gaffes and successes of popular candidates.

UCLA PoliSci

Designed for students enrolled in political science programs at UCLA, the UCLA PoliSci app may also be beneficial for other political science students, particularly those at the university level. The app highlights key events in the area of political science and posts regular blogs and articles on hot news issues. It also offers job opportunities and possible internships for students to explore.

Government Spending

The Government Spending app is designed to show you how the U.S. Government is spending your money. Every dollar is accounted for in this app which allows you to see spending specifics, such as how much was spent by department or what products money was spent. You can also see historical trends in spending.