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6 Apps for Exploring the Renaissance - Archived

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Whether you’re teaching or learning about Renaissance art, literature or history, having texts, images of artwork and artifacts on hand can make the process easier. With these six informative educational apps, you can carry the Renaissance around with you. Study some history, read a bit of Shakespeare or appreciate some Renaissance art wherever you are.

Art Envi Renaissance

Art Envi Renaissance by Open Door Networks, Inc. features artwork by some of the major artists of the Renaissance. Study the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci or the artwork of Raphael. Over 100 different artists are represented in the app. In addition to browsing the high quality images of artwork, you can review basic information about artists and their works to gain a better understanding of the Renaissance as a whole.

Renaissance History 101

Instead of a regular textbook, try using Renaissance History 101: The Animated TextVook. This app combines text and video to help bring the Renaissance to life. Chapters included in the textbook are organized into eight different chapters focusing on topics such as art, religion, literature and science. The app is easy to read and explore, making it ideal for students in middle school and high school, but still beneficial to students in college.

The V & A Museum Medieval and Renaissance Galleries

The Victoria and Albert musem’s award-winning Medieval and Renaissance Galleries opened in December 2009 in London, and has a huge collection of treasures from this period.

This app allows you to take an audio journey around the museum pieces with an expert in your ear. Additional short commentaries by the V&A curators bring to life 10 key objects in the collection. These include the Gloucester Candlestick  and Donatello’s Ascension Relief. You can use the guide within the museum, or browse the collection from your own home. Either way, you will discover more about these magnificent works and the story of European art and design.


ArtGenius Italian Renaissance takes users on a tour of the artists of the Italian Renaissance. Find information on where famous works of art are housed and plan trips to see them or view the high-quality images contained in the app. Commentary from art experts is included alongside the images of the artwork to help you understand the pieces more and learn a little more about the artists who created them.

The Renaissance: A Brief History

Vook’s The Renaissance: A Brief History app does not simply provide a paragraph or two about the Renaissance. The app contains information on the attitudes of those who lived during the Renaissance, how it affected the global world and its overall impact on history.  It has a textbook feel, featuring chapters on key topics and text boxes that stand out to discuss prominent figures and key events and inventions during the time.

Shakespeare Pro

Shakespeare is one of the most well-known authors of the Renaissance and his works are on display in Shakespeare Pro by Readdle. Find the complete text of your favorite plays and poems or conduct a search to find specific themes or words within Shakespeare’s works. You will also be able to view scene descriptions, character information and references to help you understand his works. Bookmark your favorite passages or shake the app to get a random quote from Shakespeare that may become your new favorite.