Collaboration Tools

10 Collaboration Tools Every Teacher Needs - Archived

Whether it is students collaborating on a project or teachers collaborating with one another, collaboration is an important part of education. Finding ways to collaborate that do not take up a lot of time and are still effective, however, can be difficult. These 10 collaboration tools solve that problem by making collaboration you can do all the time.


Scriblink is a virtual whiteboard that anyone can use. Write on the board, upload an image and get a unique URL to share with others. The board is updated in real-time, so users can communicate at the same time without being in the same place.


Edistorm uses sticky notes to help users organize ideas. Each color of sticky note represents a different category or type of idea and is placed on a template. Templates include Venn Diagrams, KWL charts and Word Walls, making them ideal for students.

Collaborize Classroom

Collaborize Classroom is a virtual environment designed to save teachers time, paper and money. In the virtual classroom, students and teachers can participate in conversations, submit projects, work in groups and access all necessary class materials.


Twiddla is another virtual whiteboard that can be used for collaboration. In addition to using the whiteboard, you can also upload documents, view and markup webpages and talk to other users through the audio feature.


Join.Me features screen-sharing and other collaboration tools. This collaboration resource is ideal when all students need to see the same screen in a classroom or when colleagues are going through training or presentations.


Wallwisher works as a simple collaborative webpage tool for teachers and students. Content on the wall is contained on sticky notes. Use it as a notice board, a discussion board or a gathering place for students.

Corkboard Me

Corkboard Me offers the look and feel of a traditional corkboard in a virtual format. Users add sticky notes to the board which they can group together, organize by color and comment on.


PrimaryWall features a virtual wall that teachers and students can use for collaborative brainstorming, drawing or posting other information. The website also offers webpages, e-mail accounts, calendars and other resources for teachers and students to use in conjunction with the wall.


Stixy allows users to create boards full of images, sticky notes and other content. Users may create multiple boards and invite other users to share or access those boards as a collaboration tool.


Teachbook is designed to help teachers collaborate with other teachers and also communicate with parents. Through this resource, and its companion Planbook, teachers connect with one another to share lesson plans, ideas and more.

Collaboration helps educators improve their teachers and students become more engaged in the learning process. This tools will help maximize the power of collaboration, making it a regular activity in your classroom.