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10 Back to School Review Tools and Math Games - Archived

Students love math games but lose a lot of information over the summer, especially when it comes to math. As a teacher, that means, you must spend the first few weeks of school reviewing formulas, concepts and basic math skills. Make the process easier with these 10 back to school review tools. Not only your students quickly brush up on what they’ve forgotten, they will enjoy doing it.


Illuminations, sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, helps math come alive for students through its interactive activities. All activities are organized by grade-level and skill to help you choose the perfect tool to use with your students.


MathTV helps students review math concepts and processes through its large selection of math videos. Each topic is presented by multiple teachers to help students find the styles and problem-solving methods they can learn from best.

Brightstorm Math

Brightstorm Math features over 2,000 free math videos created by some of the top math teachers in the United States. Teachers solve problems step-by-step and fully explain the process as they go through it. A Q&A section is featured at the bottom of each video to allow students to ask further questions and the instant math feature helps them solve problems.

Cool Math

Cool Math features math games and lessons on multiple topics. Students can play games based on real-life scenarios or focus on those that are simply designed to be fun. More serious math review can be done through the math practice areas or by browsing the math dictionary.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy features educational videos on multiple topics, but focus on math and science videos. Students watch a video, then practice the skill presented in the video and, when ready, take a challenge to see whether they have mastered the material.

Math Playground

Math Playground offers games, PowerPoint presentations and videos to help upper elementary and middle school students review math skills. The website answers student questions through its videos and offers a large selection of word problems as well.


Mathway is a math problem-solver designed to help students with troublesome homework or practice problems. Example problems are also provided to help students understand a concept.

Visual Math Learning

Visual Math Learning offers tutorials and other visual presentations designed to help students understand difficult concepts. The website also offers some of its presentations through an iPhone and iPad app.

Math Nook

Math Nook features math games, problems and puzzles to help students review basic math skills. Games focus on topics such as counting, rounding, multiplication and division. Many games also build math skills by challenging to students to solve problems as quickly as possible.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives was created by the National Science Foundation to help make math instruction more interactive. Manipulatives are available for grades pre-k through 12 and cover all major mathematic domains.

Not only will these tools be useful for helping students review at the beginning of the school year, they may become tools you will return to throughout the year. Bringing games, videos and interactive materials into your math classroom will help you reach more of your students and make math more enjoyable. Your students may even like some of these tools so much that they begin to seek them out on their own time.

Varsity Tutors

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