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Top 8 Apps for Summer School Spanish - Archived

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Learning Spanish can be a challenge and doing it in summer school may make it less exciting as well. Thankfully, apps help make it easier. These top apps for Spanish use games, real-life application and conversational tools to help make learning more engaging.

MindSnacks Spanish

MindSnacks Spanish has won awards for the quality of instruction it offers. Students can go through 50 levels of play through six mini-games and take over 50 different Spanish lessons. The app features pictures, audio clips, memorization techniques and challenges to help students become Spanish speaking pros.

Spanish Free 24/7

Spanish Free 24/7 Language Learning contains audio spoken by native speakers and an extensive database of vocabulary words and phrases. The app combines games with flash cards and quizzes to give students multiple ways to test their knowledge of the language.

Living Language – Spanish

Living Language – Spanish comes with 6 free Spanish lessons and the opportunity to purchase 40 additional lessons. Lessons come at essential, intermediate and advanced levels, making it ideal for a classroom with multiple levels of speakers and helping students to continue to grow in their knowledge of the Spanish language.

Living Language

google translateGoogle Translate

Google Translate offers one of the most comprehensive translation services. The app allows students to practice their Spanish by speaking Spanish into the app and having it translated into English or learn new words by translating English texts into Spanish.

Spanish Class

Spanish Class is a full Spanish course in an app. The app offers conjugation of over 100 verbs and over 4,000 vocabulary words. Vocabulary and references are organized by category and included in exercises focused on vocabulary, verbs, listening and grammar.

Maria’s Spanish Class

Maria’s Spanish Class makes learning Spanish feel cool with its fun quizzes, flashcards and drag ‘n drop games. The app features audio from native speakers in multiple Spanish-speaking regions to give students full exposure to the language. It allows multiple players to create profiles and enjoy the app.

Maria's Spanish Class

iStart Spanish!

iStart Spanish! is designed to help beginning learners advance quickly. The app features three Spanish-speaking tutors from different regions and lots of graphics to appeal to visual learners. Its rewards and badges give students incentives to learn the language.

Basic Spanish for Dummies

Basic Spanish for Dummies, part of the popular Dummies book series, is designed for both beginning speakers and those who need to brush up on their skills. Use the app alone or combine it with the book to learn words and phrases, understand the basics of Spanish grammar and watch videos to help learn the language.

While traveling to Mexico, Spain or another Spanish-speaking country may not be in the summer vacation budget, students can pretend they are in a foreign country as they improve their Spanish-speaking skills. These top 8 apps will have even the most frustrated Spanish students saying “fue facil!”