High School Science Teachers

Top 5 Websites for High School Science Teachers - Archived

The Internet is full of resources for science teachers.  As a science teacher, you have access to thousands of videos, online simulations, interactive labs and fun games for students.  If you find the wealth of resources for science teachers overwhelming, just start with five.  These top 5 websites for high school science teachers will provide you with multiple resources to make teaching science more engaging for your students.

Discovery Education is one of the leading names in science education and the Discovery Education website offers numerous resources to help enhance instruction in the classroom.  Check out the free lesson plans and other resources designed for grades 9 through 12 that feature many of Discovery’s videos and articles.  If your school has a subscription to Discovery Education Streaming, take advantage of the wealth of videos, images and audio files it offers.

While designed for users of Glencoe’s science textbooks, this resource may be used by science teachers everywhere.  You can access many of the textbook company’s flash cards, quizzes and simulations for whatever scientific content you teach.  Should your school use Glencoe’s science textbooks, you also have access to the textbook online.

PBS is home to numerous science-based programs, such as Nova.  Access lesson plans related to these programs and many more through PBS Teachers Science & Tech.  Resources are organized by grade-level and topic, making it easy to find exactly what you need.  In addition to the lesson plans, check out PBS’s Science and Nature website for more videos, articles and other resources to bring into your classroom.

Frank Potter’s Science Gems features over 14,000 resources for science teachers.  Simply type a topic into the search bar and view an extensive list of resources.  Resources are available for physical science, life science and earth science.  All resources are placed into one of five “minimum” levels: kindergarten, 3rd grade, 6th grade, 9th grade, university and graduate. Most resources fall at the 9th grade and university levels, making them ideal for high school science teachers.

If you teach high school chemistry or biology, you will benefit from the resources at ScienceGeek.net.  Access Flash videos related to content.  View PowerPoint slideshows or use the review material provided.  There are also links to chemistry applets and other resources, all organized by an actual high school science teacher.

Bookmark these websites and check them regularly.  Then, the next time you are stumped for an idea to use in your high school science classroom, you will have a wealth of options at your fingertips.  Share the resources with your students as well and help them dive deeper into the content.