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onthisdayThe social sciences often get left out when it comes to finding resources for the classroom, but not when it comes to apps.  Many apps help enhance the teaching of history and geography in the classroom by providing students with games and real-life information.


Learn about the word with Geo Walk, the 3D world fact book.  The app features articles, images and more about places throughout the world.  Choose from one of three categories: places, flora and fauna or people. Then, start exploring.  Take quizzes to test your knowledge or keep reading on and moving through the app to learn as much as you can about all the places you long to visit.

On This Day

What happened on this day in 1888?  1978? 2008?  With the On this day app, you can find out.  The app features list of the most important events in history, famous birth dates and other things that happened on this particular day in history.  It’s a great opening activity for a social studies class and a way to get students interested in history.

Oregon Trail

Students have been playing The Oregon Trail® for years and the classic game continues in app form.  Travel out west while you gather supplies for your family, ward of predators and protect your family from disease.  Children will enjoy learning about an important time in American history as they play this classic game.


GeoMaster helps students develop geography skills. Designed for older students in upper elementary, middle school and high school, it helps students learn the location and capital of countries throughout the world.  Games are also available to help students learn about major bodies of water and flags of the world. The games will help your students become geography experts!  A special version of the app is also available to help students learn about U.S. States.


iAmerica is an app which offers everything you could possibly need to know about U.S. history.  The app features biographies of all of the presidents of the United States, plus information about the Senate and House of Representatives.  You will find overviews of federal agencies and departments, such as the CIA, and also find government documents and contact information for many government agencies.

Whether students are learning about U.S. history or world history or simply want to brush up on their geography, there’s an app to help them out.  These top five apps for social sciences will help you enhance your teaching and boost your students’ interest in social studies.