Top 10 Visualization Tools for Summer School - Archived

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Sometimes students need to look at things differently in order for them to stick, especially students in summer school who may be there because they had trouble retaining information during the regular school year. Visualization tools, such as these top 10, help students look at and display information in new ways.


MindOmo is a mind mapping program available online and through smartphones and tablets. The maps can be used to set goals, connect concepts or summarize information and shared with others or used as a collaboration tool between multiple users.


Visual.ly offers infographics and data visualizations on multiple topics. Explore the infographics that have already been created to use as part of a lesson or encourage students to create their own.


Webspiration is a visual thinking and learning tool designed to help students become better thinkers and writers. Create diagrams, outlines and other visual tools to help organize or think through information.

Many Eyes

Many Eyes helps you analyze data with the help of others. Upload data sets and create visualizations, then share them to allow others to provide input. Here is a nice example of the Olympic medals per sports that a user has created.


Mindmeister allows users to create mind maps and share them with others. As users collaborate on the maps, changes are color-coded to allow everyone to see the changes in thinking.


Bubble.us offers “brainstorming made simple.” Instead of brainstorming on paper, students can brainstorm online, connecting text bubbles, color-coding thoughts and getting information down.


Gliffy helps teachers and students create professional-looking diagrams. Use this tool to create easy-to-read seating charts, add to presentations or summarize research.



Flowchart.com offers a collaborative flowchart service. Once created, flowcharts are easily converted to PDF and PNG documents to be easily added to reports and presentations.

Mind 42

Mind 42 is another collaborative mind mapping tool. A unique feature is the ability to add notes to each node of the mind map, allow students to create a general mind map, then add more specific information as they zoom in.


Thinklinkr is an online outline creator.  Use the tool to help plan lessons or to give students a study guide for a test. Encourage students to create outlines for essays and projects. Outlines can easily be shared with other students or teachers.








From concept and mind maps to diagrams, these visualization tools will provide students with the resources they need to help improve their learning. Incorporate these tools into your lessons and activities to help create a successful summer school experience for your students.