Savvy teaching with virtual world Savvybear - Archived

Savvybear is a free educational online games world for the under 13s. It was created by John and Sandra Joyce when they realized there was a lack of online educational games they felt were completely safe for their three children. Savvybear allows children to choose a bear avatar and explore the world with other online players. It features an in-game school where upon completion of classes, coins are earned which allows players to purchase new outfits, in-game pets and furniture for their house. Membership of Savvybear allows for full classes in English, Maths, Irish, History, Geography and Science and with 7 levels of difficulty. They have some great testimonials from teachers and how they have used Savvybear in their classroom.

John from Savvybear has written some insights into his virtual world, how it is being used by educators and what their plans for the future are. is online almost a year now, and it is been played in 170 countries by 50,000 children. It has been written in 7 different languages which allows the children to translate to one another. The players can immerse themselves and have tonnes of fun completely free.

What is really cool for the kids and parents is that Savvybear is linked to the school curriculum in the UK, and will soon be linked to the US. This allows the children to learn whilst having great fun if they want to.

We are constantly developing new worlds and games for the children, and the brand is expanding into . This allows us to host numerous games for children. We are also currently working on the APP/Android and Mobile versions of has recently been backed by some VCs in Europe which allows the company to expand from a development and Sales/Marketing view point. The plan for 2012/2013 is to have 3 million children using the product. So for Children, Parents and School teachers that read this blog, try it out for free and you will amazed to see how learning can happen whilst having fun.