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Nearly every teen wants a smartphone or tablet, but it’s usually not for educational purposes. These apps teach teens that these tools can be used for more than texting, playing games and listening to music. They also have educational value. Every teen needs these 5 educational apps to turn a smartphone or tablet into a tool for learning, rather than just a portal for entertainment. Don’t worry, while designed with education in mind, these apps will not make a teen any less cool.


Organization is key when it comes to being successful in school. myHomework helps teens organize their lives by giving them a place to record homework assignments and projects, keep track of responsibilities and schedule extracurricular activities. With the ability to access myHomework online or through another device, a teen’s schedule and assignments are always available. It also sends out due date reminders to make sure a teen never accidentally misses an assignment again.


Whatever language a teen is taking in school, Mindsnacks can make it easier. This app has versions for some of the most popular languages, such as French, Spanish and Chinese. There is also an SAT Vocab version to help teens prepare for the big test. Teens will go through simple lessons, play 25 fun games and complete challenges as they build their vocabularies, increasing the chances that the language will actually stick.


Another vocabulary app, Vocabador, offers a new approach to building a teen’s vocabulary. Teens test their vocabularies as they battle 12 different wrestlers and seek the title belt. Choose from lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight words. Name your own Luchador, choose a mask and start answering vocabulary questions. Teens will enjoy competing to reach the final round where the battle the Vocabaor for the ultimate vocabulary title.


Flashcards gives teens a study tool right on their phones. Teens can easily create flashcards for any subject and flip through them to study for tests or just to review important material. The app allows teens to share their flashcards through Dropbox on e-mail, which makes it easy for friends to share notes and study tools or teachers to provide teens with flashcards to use as well. Cards may be viewed in alphabetical, random or sequential order. Best of all, the app is free.

Brain Trainer

Most teens could use a memory boost every now and then as they deal with busy schedules and developing hormones. Brain Trainer helps ensure a teen’s brain stays sharp. In only a few minutes a day, teens can boost their brain power and memory by playing games to test their problem-solving skills and ability to think on their feet.

With these 5 educational apps, teens will become more organized, develop stronger vocabularies and improve their brain power, all on their smartphones and tablets. They’ll soon learn that while texting is fun, learning can be just as fun.

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