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When it comes to teaching reading, smartphones and tablets can be awesome resources. With the wealth of apps and eBooks, it’s easy to find materials for students at multiple levels and find ways to make learning to read a lot of fun. These 10 awesome apps for teaching reading are educational and engaging and may become staples in your classroom or home.

ABC Phonics

ABC Phonics -Talking & Spellings features multiple games to help children learn their letter and word sounds. In the flashcards and matching games, kids see and hear the words along with pictures and animal sounds to accompany the animal words they read. Kids as young as two can start learning to read with this app.

abc PocketPhonics

abc PocketPhonics has won multiple awards for the easy, fun way it teaches phonics. The game features over 170 first words that children learn through letter sounds and by tracing letters.

My Word Wall

With My Word Wall, children see, hear, repeat and trace common words to help build their vocabularies. Words are grouped by popular sight word categories and word families. Fun reading games help engage children as well.

Word Connex

Designed for older children in grades 2 through 6, WordConnex uses a slightly different approach to building vocabulary. Children are presented with lists of words and must sort those words into the categories provided. For example, children may sort a set of words into the categories “living” and “non-living.”



A multitude of children’s books are available in eBook format. Instead of carrying a bag of heavy books on your next trip or purchasing a Kindle, just download the Kindle app. Children will be able to read their favorite stories right on the smartphone or tablet and build their reading skills.

Read Me Stories

With the Read Me Stories app, children have access to a new talking picture book every day. Enjoy stories such as “Tuffy’s First Adventure.”  Stories are cute, help children develop vocabulary and teach valuable character lessons.

Short Stories for Kids

In the interactive app Short Stories For Kids, children will find five short stories. The words in the stories are simple and are accompanied by sounds, animated characters and other fun options.

Aesop’s Quest

Aesop’s Quest helps children build comprehension skills along with basic reading skills. As they read through stories in the app, they find information that leads to clues to help Aesop complete his quest.

Booksy: Learn to Read

Booksy: Learn to Read was designed for beginning readers in grades K through 2. The app features a few short stories, with the option of purchasing more, for children to practice reading. Unlike many reading apps, the app does not read the stories for the children. Instead, as children read they can tap on unknown or difficult words to hear them sounded out.

K12 Timed Reading App

K12 Timed Reading is designed for children in grades K through 4. All of the short stories included with this app are timed, helping children build their fluency skills and track their reading progress. Texts are organized by Flesh-Kincaid reading levels.

While all 10 apps may be overwhelming for children, trying out more than one will give your child multiple opportunities to practice his reading skills. In addition to these apps, many other apps feature animated and interactive versions of popular picture books for children to enjoy. Of course, even with the apps, nothing beats sitting down and reading a good book with your child.