Teach digital skills with Guitar Hero! - Archived

Guitar Hero was a game that rocked the socks of everyone that played it and spawned a new era of mastering fake plastic instruments. If grown adults can get so passionate about their gaming note streaks, then imagine the enthusiasm kids will have in class with it!

Tried and proven to be a successful venture in dozens of schools, Guitar Hero projects are still increasing popular. So what does one do exactly in class? Well there are numerous options depending on what skills you want to teach.

  • Team Work Skills
    Divide the kids into groups to form different bands.
  • Movie Making Skills
    Using digital camera, get the kids in groups to create and edit music videos.
  • Music Skills
    Kids can compose and record songs using Guitar Hero.
  • Artistic Skills
    Get kids to design an album cover for their band using Paint, Photoshop or Gimp.

Here are some free Google resources to help get you started: