New Charity looks to provide iPads for special needs children - Archived

A new charity in Los Angeles looks to provide autistic children with iPads in order to help them improve their education.

Reach For The Apps will look to put all their donations into providing iPads and other new technologies that can help special needs children to use new technological devices to enhance their learning opportunities. Devices such as the iPad can help children develop their motor skills wich can then help them use them various different objects without any problems.

The founders of Reach For The Apps hope that the new methods will significantly improve a child’s experience. In a statement, co-founder Nancy Reiser said that ““the iPad is not a toy, but a tool that works best when there is a ‘team effort’ between parents and therapists encouraging its proper use.”

Reach For The Apps is currently partnering in two school districts and trialling their scheme with over 16,000 pupils.