ClassDojo – Manage Classroom Behavior - Archived

Trying to manage classroom behavior is one of the most difficult and distracting aspects of teaching. Teachers must create a positive learning environment and demonstrate their authority without intimidating students.

So how can technology help with this common problem? Well if you have a SMART board and want to try something different, ClassDojo could be for you. It’s a very simple, easy to use web application that allows you to manage behavior in real-time by giving positive and negative awards to students.


The way it works is by setting up an account and entering in the names of your class. Each child is assigned a cartoon character and if the website is displayed on a SMART board or projector, the kids can see how many awards they have. For example, if a pupil named Daniel was good, he could be rewarded for positive behavior with a badge for ‘Participation’, ‘Helping others’ or ‘Hard work’. If Daniel was bad, he could be rewarded for negative behavior with ‘Disruption’, ‘Late’, ‘Interrupting’ or ‘No homework’. Teachers choose the actual behavior names when they set up the class using the web interface.

ClassDojo automatically generates analytics and shareable character report cards that can be emailed to parents directly. ClassDojo is currently free while it’s in beta, so there is no harm in trying it out!