New happenings in Sqwishland… - Archived

SqwishLand, the hit kid-friendly virtual world for kids, never runs out of surprises for its avid fans. Kicking off the month of October, SqwishLand unveiled a mini makeover with the new Forest Theme. Players can now check out the new SqwishMap that features a revamped Sqwicnic, Sqwiver and Sqwaterfalls on their next visit at SqwishLand. The environment may be new in the SqwishLand Forest, but familiar SqwishLand faces will still be seen hanging out in these rooms like Lala the Sqwoala who’s still sleeping on his food and Chef Sqwear whipping up the most delicious Sqwababs in all of SqwishLand.

Opposite the new Forest Theme are mysterious big clouds with what seems to be tower cranes. SqwishLand fans should stay tuned because they are in for a Sqwishtastic surprise!

Because this virtual world is played worldwide, it’s no surprise that SqwishLand fans come from different time zones. To make it more convenient for players, SqwishLand launched its in-game clock, the SqwishClock. Now it will be easier for players to join game events where they can win additional Sqwash, the game’s virtual cash. There are three SqwishClocks displayed in the virtual world: at the Sqwungle, Mayan Temple, and at the Coral Palace Entrance. They tell players what time it is in SqwishLand so they can easily schedule meet-ups with their SqwishLand Buddies and log in when it’s time for the scheduled game events.

SqwishLand has also given members a new payment option to experience the game as a Premium Member through inComm, an industry leader in stored-value gift and prepaid products. inComm has been providing consumers with an easier process of purchasing since 1992, with networks including premier brands in the big box, grocery, convenience, chain drug, discount, electronics, and office supply among many others. Players can also choose to subscribe to a Premium Membership via credit card, PayPal, Rixty, and Zeevex.

With a Premium Membership in SqwishLand, players will be given access to more areas in the game and more minigames. These can help them level up faster and become a Level 50 player, the most coveted elite status in SqwishLand.

SqwishLand can also be played for free! Players can enter the SqwishCode, a special code that is encapsulated with the soft n’ squishy toys on which the game is based. The SqwishCode can serve as an entry pass in the virtual world. Using the SqwishCode for the first time will give players a 30-day free Premium Membership. The succeeding SqwishCodes entered can be used to redeem more virtual cash and to unlock fun new bonuses, costumes for their avatars, homes, and more. SqwishLand toys come to life in the online game where players can adopt them as virtual pets. Together with their virtual SqwishLand pets, players can interact with one another and join the community activities to win Sqwash and cool prizes.

From: SBWire