Fiendish Halloween games in Kids Virtual Worlds - Archived

All the kids virtual worlds are getting ready for the biggest, spookiest dress up event of the year, Halloween! Here at AvatarGeneration we love to keep up to date to what the virtual worlds are doing for the holidays. We have found some great Halloween competitions and games to get everyone ready for their virtual Halloween party.

Club Penguin have a cool Halloween cauldron arts and craft project that kids can do with their parents offline, and from the 20th they are having a massive Halloween party with lots more fun Halloween featured games and avatars.

Moshi Monsters have announced their first ever Create-A-Trick-Or-Treat Contest. Spider Lollis are a favourite for trick-or-treaters in Monstro City, but the Spider Lolli wants some company. Get your thinking hats on for some new fiendish virtual treats! The winner will have their spooky treat design made into an actual Gross-ery item and also get a HUGE Rox prize.

Step foot inside Poptropica’s creepiest creation ‘The Haunted House’ if you dare. You’ll find creepy critters, poltergeists, and painted portraits that watch your every move. and if you complete the quest you will receive an all-new zombie costume and power.

Have you ever been scared at Halloween? Webkinz have a Spookiest Haloween Contest where kids tell their spookiest Halloween experience and could win an eStore exclusive Cranky Fortune Teller. They also have a Halloween Peek-A-Newz challenge where kids can win a random surprise each day coming up to Halloween.

We always love kids designing their own virtual stuff, and Pet Society had a gruesome Halloween outfit competition. They’re making the winning outfits available in their store for Halloween and we particularly liked 3rd place winner ‘Edgar Allen Paw’.

Action Allstars have a spooky Haloween Mission and some creepy masks available in their store.

Bearville have Halloween games to play like the Kooky Spooky Fun House Maze, and Halloween costumes to dress up your Bear.

Toontown also have some howling Halloween costumes and accessories for virtual trick or treating, from viking helmets to beehive hairdos.

Halloween parties are happening all over Meez Nation this month, and they have released some new fun costumes and accessories like a Leopard Costume and Spiral Shades. They are also having a Halloween costume contest where winners get Meez cash, membership and t-shirts. You can also hang out at spooky themed locations like the Macabre Mansion and the Ghost Ship.

And finally Monkeyquest have a cackling good haunted graveyard, exclusive Halloween virtual items, and a smashy pumpkin game.

We will be updating the blog with more Halloween games and competitions as the big day arrives. Send us in any spooky virtual games that you are liking in the comment box below!