Learning Math with Kids Virtual Worlds - Archived

For some kids Math can be a particularly tricky subject. Many kids virtual worlds and online games have been created for kids to better understand numbers and how they work. Not only are these worlds great for kids to learn at home, but also many teachers are using them in the classroom as a way of supplementing traditional classroom teaching.

It’s been a long time since we have been in a Math class, so we have taken some time out to brush up on our Math skills and see what types of virtual worlds and games are out there for Math-based learning.

The first kids virtual world we had a look at, BrainNook, has educational games based on the standards prescribed by the California State Board of Education for Grades 1-5. The numbers games were simple but well designed, and made the sometimes difficult subtraction and multiplication skills interesting and fun to play. The first game we played had a pin board with a number at the top, and we had to pin different amounts onto the board that would add up to the top number. This game was great for addition skills, and learning how to use denominations of cash (like $20, $10 and 25c).

Another game based on learning subtraction skills had players match math problems with their answers by drawing a line between them. By using nice graphics, and having a fun storyline behind the games, learning Math is made simple and entertainment for kids. Although the games are simple, they are very effective for kids to learn about math skills in a setting different to the traditional classroom.

Minyanland is virtual world, more suitable for tweens and teenagers, that teaches financial management and banking skills. During the game, players can invest money in different industries, and learn about depositing and withdrawing money from a bank. Other games explain different types of currencies around the world and introduce kids to financial terms such as ‘credit’ and ‘human capital’ using colourful characters and games.

These games were more suited to older kids, but were great for teaching financial concepts that can be sometimes (even for us adults) hard to get our heads around.

TimezAttack has some excellent games in a virtual environment for kids to learn multiplication  skills. Rather than being in a world where kids can communicate with one another, Big Brainz is a single user environment. We played some of the games available and they were great for helping us to remember our multiplication tables and improving our long lost math skills.

The game is great to use, and has some neat graphics that would be friendly for kids to play in.

There are many more kids virtual worlds that offer math based games, and you can find these by using our search engine. We would always recommend parents to try out the games first to check their suitability for their child. These types of virtual games can supplement traditional classroom teaching in a way that is engaging and entertaining for kids.