Fooz Kids - Archived

Fuhu, Inc. have launched a new web application that allows kids to access the Internet in a controlled and secure online environment. Fooz Kids is available in 36 different languages in 56 countries and is accessible on Windows, Mac OS X and Android tablets.

Parents set up their kids account on Fooz Kids and choose to restrict access to specific content such as websites, videos, games and crafts, or they can filter the existing Fooz Kids website list. Through the Parental Dashboard they can select age and gender-appropriate content and monitor their child’s activities, e-mails and approve friends.

Fooz Kids features the ability to create an avatar and customize a virtual bedroom and parents can subscribe to additional add-ons. One such add-on is the Fooz Kids University feature, which introduces mathematical exercises aligned with school curriculum from Pre-K to 5th Grade. This feature can supplement classroom learning and provides parents with an in-depth report on their child’s progress. Another add-on feature is the Fooz Kids Flix, which allows parents to download both full-length movies and shorter films for offline entertainment.

The application costs $11.99 with add-on package subscriptions and additional features available for either a monthly or yearly commitment. Check it out at: