Teaching Tool: Second Places Unifier - Archived

Unifier is a new web based platform recently launched by the virtual worlds development agency Second Places. Built with the Unity 3D engine, virtual scenes are loaded inside the web browser on both Mac and PC once the Unity3D Plug-in has been installed. The platform features simple collaboration tools such as Voice over IP, Text Chat, Friends, Groups and Multiple Locations. Currently in Beta, a limited number of areas are available to test, but the product road-map will include more detailed avatars, customizable GUI’s and a central marketplace for objects.

Any companies or educationalists using The OpenSim platform that want to switch to Unifier, can avail of Tipodean Technologies conversion service paying a once off fee depending on the Sim size. Unity 3D models are built using external 3D software packages such as 3D Studio Max or Blender. So unlike Open Sim or SecondLife, users cannot build 3D objects inside the Unity world and must import all models.

Pricing starts at $40 per month for an Introduction world with 10 concurrent users for non-commercial use. Business/developers can expect tbo pay over $288/month for 50 concurrent users and up to $1600/month for 250 concurrent users.

Check it out at: unifier.secondplaces.net