Common Species of Kids Avatars - Archived

Every kids virtual world uses an avatar for players to move about, chat, decorate, and perform thousands of other virtual tasks. Looking through our kids virtual world directory, we noticed that there are some similarities between different types of game characters. Here we give the low-down on the most common avatar species:

Cute lovable monsters (Monstrus cutore)

These are round, wide-eyed, multicolored monsters that you would love to cuddle and bring home with you. We’re loving the Tinka maker from Tinkatolli where you can design your own mini-monster.

Uber-stylish girlies (Womasia fashionibris)

These girls have big hair, bright eyes and a closet with more stylish clothes than you. Most of the virtual worlds that these girls live in, let you dress, design and make them up. All Girls Arcade has a great dress up area, where you can choose what type of girly avatar you would like to be; Sporty, Fashion, Girly Girl, Studious and Music.

Real-life (but virtual) people (Homo virtuosapiens)

Not all kids virtual worlds use fantasy creatures as their avatars. Many use us humans as their inspiration and people in virtual worlds are as diverse and distinctive as we are in real life.

Pets and animals (Animalia virtuomega)

Designers go to great lengths to make pets as cute and adorable as possible. Learning how to feed, groom, and play with a virtual pet can teach kids responsibility and prepare them for a real-life pet. Neopets has a great range of games that help players take care of their pet.

Science fiction and Superheroes (Sciencius megapopulare)

The old favorite; superhero and science fiction characters are always popular in virtual worlds. Superheroes fight evil and use their extraordinary powers to do good in the virtual universe. In Herotopia, players use Supervehicles to battle bullies and play exciting games.