9 tips for choosing a kids virtual world - Archived

Our directory lists a large number of kids virtual worlds, and it can be difficult to choose the right one for your child. We have put together some tips to choose a kids virtual world that will be the most beneficial, fun and worthwhile for your child.

Use real life interests

You may want your child to be the next Albert Einstein or Marie Curie, but if they have no interest in science it can be difficult to lead them in the right direction. Kids virtual worlds can open up a huge range of new and exciting interests for your child in a way that is different than traditional classroom learning.

Listen to your child and find out what they like to do. Do they like drawing and designing, or learning about spaceships and magical worlds? Do they enjoy reading books, or are they a bit of a math wizz? Every virtual world listed in AvatarGeneration has a theme that you can use the search engine to find. Simply select the theme that you think matches your child’s interest and browse through the list of kids virtual worlds.

Check for educational value

Obviously, if your child is going to be spending some time on a Virtual World, you want them to learn something from the experience. Each kids virtual world has been categorised in terms of their educational value; be it Creativity, Math Skills, Long Life Skills or Geography.

The listings also show whether the world has teaching tools that can be used by teachers in a classroom. We would recommend selecting a world that has some educational value as it shows that the world has been designed with learning in mind. If your child is struggling with, let’s say, Math in school, it could be a good idea to sign them up with a Math specific virtual world.

Make sure the world is age appropriate

Every kids virtual world is tailored to a certain age group, and give a recommended playing age. It is important to take this into account as some features might not be suitable for younger children, or are too childish for others. One child could love having a fluffy dog as an avatar, and another would prefer a laser wielding robot.

Educate yourself about the virtual world

Reading about the virtual world can give hints as to whether it would be something your child would be interested in, and can give you piece of mind as to what they are doing online. Check our listings, and read the ‘For Parents’ section that most reputable kids virtual worlds provide.

To chat, or not to chat?

Depending on the age of your child, you may want to choose a kids virtual world that has no chat or safe chat options. This is important to be aware of to make sure that they do not come into contact with adult or potentially unsafe conversations. On the other hand, you may want you child to improve their communication and socialization with other children. If so, chat-based virtual worlds can be great for getting kids to open up and be more sociable.

Talk with other parents

Other parents might have used virtual worlds with their child. Talk with others in the schoolyard or in parent meetings and see if they have any recommendations.

Play the game

Ultimately the best way of making sure that a virtual world is suitable for your child is to play it yourself. Take 15 minutes to try out the game before letting your child sign up.

Try before you buy

Kids should be able to play in a virtual world with basic features and still be entertained without a paid subscription. Paying for membership should only enhance a child’s experience, giving them more things to do, so they become citizens of that world. It can become quite costly for parents that pay a membership fee, only to discover their child had no interest after a short period of time. Let your child play in a world for at least a couple weeks or longer before you part with money. If they are bored after that time, then choose another world.

Ask your kid!

Most importantly, sit down with your child and ask them what they would like to play online. Using our directory, you can explore the different kids virtual worlds together and find the most suitable one for them.