SmallWorlds - Archived

SmallWorlds is an intriguing virtual space that keeps teens engaged by smartly combining social activities with gaming. Developed by Outsmart, a New Zealand-based development team, the company takes full advantage of the social gaming phenomenon by allowing users to access SmallWorlds through a Facebook Application. SmallWorlds has a number of integrated social media options for viewing YouTube videos or Flickr photos, and rewards users with Citizen Points & Gold for spreading the word on their social networks.

Targeted at the teen market, users are invites to complete ongoing missions in order to level up and increase their avatar’s attributes. Missions are basically a list of tasks that can involve saying or whispering something, using an item or interacting with others. Missions give users a reason to talk to other avatars, so it’s easier to make friends and become part of the community. The tasks set up can be entertaining or have educational values, depending on the missions theme. Players have the option of creating their own missions and reviewing them on the community blog, which adds an element of creativity to the overall experience.

Aside from missions and games, users can customize their avatar, decorate their home and spend gold & tokens in multiple shops buying all sorts of crazy accessories. Membership starts at $7.95 a month, which can be paid for by mobile phone payments or online with a credit card.