Virtual Fashionistas and Designers - Archived

Computers have become a regular design tool in creative businesses, and many virtual world developers are using a combination of design and gaming to bring fashion to the next generation of designers. Fashion geared virtual worlds have features such as design studios, avatar modelling, social chat between designers and store management. All of these features make an exciting and engaging virtual world especially for teens and older kids.

These virtual worlds can bring out a kids creative side, as their features help kids to think artistically, and design and create one-of-a-kind clothes and stores. Some virtual worlds have sophisticated design tools that allow players to not only design clothes, but to also change and design hairstyles, eye shape, skin colour and body size. Outfits can then be shown off and modelled on their avatar or in their store. One world even allows you to order the clothing item you have designed virtually and have the ‘real-life’ version it sent to your home.

Fashion themed virtual worlds use style challenges to make players get creative with their designing. Players have to design clothing based on current fashion styles and are awarded prizes based on what other members of the virtual world think of their design. Some of the fashion specific virtual worlds also have a business element to them, which teaches kids and teens the value of money and how to run a successful business. This is a good way of teaching your kids business wisdom without having to make them pour over dusty spreadsheets.

Fashion Fantasy Game is an excellent example of this type of virtual world, where players design and sell fashion items, and get experience of what it’s like to run a business. The game is based around buying and selling stock from different designers, and renting a shop where they can attract a high number of shoppers. Players can also design clothes to sell in their shop and enter competitions with other players.

GirlSense is another fashion based virtual world where players entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged by teaching them how to manage their own clothing store. Teens learn about advertising, marketing, business and money management in a bright and well-designed virtual world. As well as designing clothing items, they can also create their own business logo, design their store and make advertisements to show off their creations.

Fashion themed virtual worlds bring a lot more than meets the eye, with a great mix of creativity and business skills to get your kids thinking and learning in a virtual world.